Monday, September 27, 2010

CotMA - Episodes 4 and 5 - Catch Up Posting

Many interesting things happened in the Castle during Episodes 4 and 5.  This post is my attempt to "catch up" on both these episodes.  I'm afraid they won't be too narrative; just a set of bulleted highlights...

Episode 6 is this upcoming Thursday.  I want to post recaps with more regularity starting after that.  :)
  • Xavier the Spiritual lost his leg to a giant beetle.  He had it replaced with an ornate silver "pegleg" below the knee of his own design.
  • The characters discovered a magical tuning fork that has a silencing effect upon the wail of shriekers.
  • At one point, the heroes encountered some blood sucking slime monsters...
  • The adventurers encountered the "Room of the Clowns" and interacted with these magical mosaics.  Some gained; some lost.  HPs, Attribute points and minor magic items were on the table.  RF's cleric was the big winner.  Xavier lost his silver leg in the deal.  Is now considering himself "Xavier the Marked".  The "Room of Clowns" disappeared when they left it.
  • The dungeon has suffered an earthquake.  The area once inhabited by the bandits is largely collapsed.
  • The adventurers discovered and (largely) defeated a tribe of troglodytes.  The leader retreated and barricade himself in a small room with the women and children of his tribe.  He offered them their treasure with a crudely written plea of "TAK" on the floor.  The adventurers did indeed "take" the treasure and left the chieftain and non-combatants alone.  
  • Following a corridor marked with snake-like bas reliefs, the adventurers went toe-to-toe with a 5-headed hydra that dwelled in an obscuring mist.  They defeated it, but Cack Trueshield lost an arm in the process.  The party collected parts of the hydra for future trade with a wizard or alchemist.
  • The adventurers discovered an pedestal of sorts that emitted a mystical radiance.  A single crystalline tile was found upon its top surface.  It is obviously a puzzle, requiring more pieces to assemble.  The colored light, when cast upon the wall, revealed the name "Xanathar" written upon the wall.
  • The party sold the hydra parts to Uuthak the Obscure, an alchemist in The City.  Uuthak was willing to subject Cack and Xavier to his "Regen-o-pod" to regrow their lost limbs.  It was dicey, but both heroes survived the process.  Xavier now sports a feline purple and bronze furred leg.  Cack has been graced with a steel colored tentacle in place of her lost arm.
If I've forgotten anything important, I invite the players to post in the comments.  See you on Thursday!
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