Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sir Owyn de Lapins, Paladin

Player: JW

STR 16 INT 10
DEX 15 WIS 16
CON 15 CHA 11

Level: 1
HP: 6

Special Quality: Orienteering, Eye for Irregularity

Plate armor, long sword, shield, backpack, bottle of wine, flint and steel, hammer, spikes x12, rations x5, sacks x2, waterskin, holy symbol - wood
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  1. Orphaned at a very early age, Sir Owyn was raised in the Abbey de Lapins, situated in the rolling hedgerows by the sea to the West. His parents were killed during a raid and he was taken in by the Abbot of Lapins. There he studied the teachings of the Great Hare, learned the healing arts, and assisted the monks in their moonlit rituals. In his spare time, Owyn found himself drawn to the soldiers' quarters. He enjoyed watching the soldiers train and prepare their equipment. He especially enjoyed listening to the tales they told of valor and adventure. He would sometimes sneak out of the abbey at night, just to sit near the campfires and listen to the soldiers laugh and brag. Sometimes his visits would last well into the night, almost until dawn. The pink morning sky beckoning him back to the abbey.

  2. It was on one of these nights that Oywn's life changed. Returning to the abbey, late, but still before the light of dawn, Owyn slipped the lock of the abbey pantry as he often did. He crept through the kitchen and down the hallway, avoiding the nearby monks' quarters. He could take a shortcut through the cloister and sneak into the vestry where he usually caught a couple hours of sleep before the rest of the abbey awoke. He laughed to himself thinking of how surprised the brothers always were when they entered the vestry and saw Owyn, fully dressed and ready for morning services. The challenge, though, was staying awake during the Mass. More than once he had dozed off at a key point during the service and a sharp jab to the rib had jolted him awake. Once he had even dropped the offering plate, spilling the fresh grass clippings all over the floor with a resounding crash. Mass had ended early that day.

  3. That wouldn't be happening this time though. He still had hours before the brothers would be up, plenty of time to relax and stretch out on a bed of altar linens and catch some sleep. He needed it too, it had been a long week, most of it spent in the carrot fields, harvesting the holy sacrament. It was backbreaking work and, being one of the younger members of the abbey, Owyn spent most of his time hunched over a basket while the older monks joked and gossiped around the mule carts. He didn't mind the work because he knew it was righteous, but his back ached and his hands were raw from prying the holy roots from the soil. He shouldn't have stayed out tonight, but a company of Hedgeguard had returned from patrols in the South and their stories were always worth staying up for.