Sunday, September 19, 2010

CotMA - Episode 3c

(It's been so long since we did this session; I'm not sure I can remember too much...)

The adventurers returned to the dungeon and returned to the pit.  They descended into the pit to discover the remains of poor Bob infested with large worm-like creatures.  One big douse of oil and then the liberal application of a torch took care of that.

Oryx searched the room for secret doors but found none.  How'd those worms get in there then???

They returned to the top of the pit and found a secret door.  A little fiddling with the "click/clunk" key allowed it to be opened with a push and turn.

Behind they found a damp chamber with a thin film of water on the floor.

At the end of an approx 40' corridor, they found another secret door (less secret from this side) and they opened it up.

Beyond they found a bedroom filled with a mouldering bed and other bedroom furniture.  Cautiously they searched the mound of refuse and found a small box and a set of pristine chainmail pants.  Inside the box they found a tuning fork of impressive quality.

They returned to the surface with their finds to have them appraised...
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