Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CotMA Episode 3b

...the party headed in a direction that should lead back toward the great spiral stair.  They spread out along the hallway, going mostly 2x2.  Bob the Burro, Kalen, the female elf and Hanuman were in the middle section...

The first few ranks of the party traveled across a covered pit without it triggering.  The weight of the middle ranks (with Bob included) was too much for the pit.

It triggered -- but it JAMMED!!

I asked, what do you do?

JS replied immediately that Kalen would "jump off" the pit.  Whoops!

That change in weight was just enough to trip the pit and the remaining adventurers all needed to save or fall.

Bob failed -- he's a burro; he didn't even get a save.  Elf failed.  Hanuman caught the edge of the pit due to his monk training.

Bob died as he crashed into the floor, 30' below.  Elf took 3d6 damage and was reduced to -3 HPs.  Ouch. She was dying at the bottom of the pit.

A rescue effort was mobilized.  Ropes were thrown down and secured at the top.  Rolf and F. Fighter descended into the pit....

Only to be confronted by 5 skeleton warriors with glowing gemstone eyes!

Battle ensued and F. Fighter was downed.  Rolf battled on and was eventually joined by Oryx and Hanuman at the bottom of the pit.

In time the skeletons were defeated and their red ruby eyes (10 of them) were removed and added to the party's loot.  Elf was tended to and stabilized.  Poor Bob was left to moulder at the bottom of the 30' pit.

The party left the dungeon before more harm could befall them...
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