Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CotMA - Episodes 9, 10 and 11

It has been awhile, so this will be a brief recap:

  • The heroes did battle with a male and a female minotaur in a smallish maze.  Roberto (the mule) got skiddish at the approach of the bull-beasts and it fell to Xavier to quiet/rescue the animal.
  • During the battle, Kalen (the luminous) used Light to blind the female minotaur.  
  • A wailing ghoul paralyzed half the party with its mournful screams.  The other half barely kept their wits and were able to destroy the beast before it made a meal of the party.
  • At one point, the game session digressed into a conversation about the relative superiority of humans vs. baboons, chimps and gorillas.  Humans are toast.
  • Oryx was actually successful in finding and disarming an arm slicer trap.
  • The party encounters an extra-dimensional painting depicting a bowl of kobold skulls and a dagger on a table.  Oryx bravely enters the painting to discover that he becomes "oil-painting-ifyed" when in the painting.  Only the parts of the table that are visible, the bowl, the skulls, and the dagger are "real".  There is apparently an infinite drop into nothing should he fall off the table...
  • The dagger turns out to be magical.
  • The party steals the other four (valuable) paintings and places them *into* the extra-dimensional painting for safekeeping.
  • Xavier uses Animate Dead to add five hobgoblin skeletons to the party.  "Post consumer humanoid".  Mesha is in favor of "recycling"
  • The party encounters the orcs again and between the party and the "skele-boys" they soundly defeat them.  Only the firetoads and the firetoad herder are a significant challenge, but Collen and his frostblade (combined with chop and drop... at just the right time...) makes short work of them.
  • A critical hit on a gelatinous cube by Collen and his frostbrand freezes the cube entirely.  Oryx breaks it up with one powerful swing...  Instant "ice" cube...
  • Oryx makes the mistake of touching a floating opaque oily looking bubble.  The resulting explosion is devastating (but) he avoids fatal injury (by using a Krampus coupon)
  • Hanuman foolishly digs *by hand* through a room filled with fungus and mold.  His right arm is quickly engulfed with green goo...  Slow Poison is applied to the wound, but his harm has to be amputated to prevent his eventual death and the total corruption of his body by the ooze.  Collen uses the magic of his frostbrand to make a giant ice cube and the limb is kept in cold storage until the party can return to town.  Hopefully Uuthak can repair the damage...
  • Xavier and Elin use dual Locate Object spells to triangulate the location of the "chamber of arches" that guards the "Pale Mist".  It is determined that the path lies behind a single wall... so...
  • Collen uses the Obsidian Sphere of Decimation to blow a large hole in that wall.  The resulting blast and concussion are almost the end of Collen and it attracts the attention of a roving band of hydrospawn....
  • Oryx puts the Gloves of Spell Storing on and boils the hydrospawn in their own juices using the 8 die fireball...
  • A few of the hydrospawn survive the blast, but they don't last long under the concentrated assaults of the party.  The characters recover three "blorpers".  Hanuman discovers that he can talk to the blorpers becaused they are plant-based.  The blorpers like Hanuman and grant him a "to hit" bonus.  They also tell him how many charges they have left.
  • The adventurers proceed into the chamber of arches.  They discover an orange misty arch that wards undead.  Another arch that is a forcefield.  A third that Dispels Magic and a fourth that repels evil.  Once through the arches, they find a chamber with a stone door sealed with lead and a multitude of religious symbols.  The adventurers cleverly use Sir Owyn's Protection from Evil to funnel the Pale Mist through a narrow crack and into the mist collector.   
  • The party then left the dungeon to heal Hanuman and turn the Pale Mist over to Uuthak as agreed.

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