Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magic Items from the Ghost Tower

Here's the haul that the PCs took out of the Ghost Tower.  Their patron (of sorts) Uuthak has been helping them with identification...

3 sets of spider fangs -- these and 1 gp will get you a nice flagon of mead...

1 bottle (magic) unidentified -- Oil of Slipperiness (1 use) -- 750 XP

black onyx sphere (magic) unidentified -- Obsidian Sphere of Decimation -- bearer crits on 19, 20 -- can be activated (with unpredictable results) like a grenade (one time only) by bearer -- 2000 XP

3 rare alchemy ingredients -- Uuthak will accept these as payment for the two trips into the Regen-O-Pod

journal with rod/purple mist instructions -- Uuthak will pay 1000 GP for this book

signet ring of House Kalton -- Giving this to Traevus will double your reward to 2000 gp

Skull of Traevus's brother -- worth 1000 gp in reward

Amulet (unidentified) -- Reflecting Amulet of Hesitation -- If the wearer saves vs. a targeted spell, it will be reflected back upon the caster (who gets a save).  The wearer always acts LAST in combat. -- 5000 XP

5 gems (extremely wondrous and valuable looking) -- we'll do the old 3d6x100 trick when we get together tomorrow

potion (unidentified) -  extra healing (2d8+2 per dose; two doses) -- 1600 XP

pair of gloves -- Gloves of Spell Storing -- wizard puts the gloves on and casts a spell.  The gloves remember the spell.  You take the gloves off.  Whoever puts the gloves back on can cast the spell stored within as the original caster.  When the spell is cast, the gloves are empty. Each function can only be used once per day (store and cast).  -- 15,000 XP

Dark Codex (sealed) -- Libram of the Midnight Moon -- this tome is sealed with magicks and runes -- the party can work to unseal it, but that will require some play...  -- 2000 XP for finding it

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