Friday, August 20, 2010

CotMA Episode 3a

The party recuperated in town for nearly a week before heading out again.  Two members of the party were unable to join in on the adventure, but two new characters, a monk and a paladin, were new to town and looking for excitement.

The party headed back to the ruin and down into the cellar.  They opted to take the spiral stair down, in hope that it would end up behind the silver metal doors -- despite what Oryx said about the stairs not meeting up.

Some strange wizardry must be at work, because the stairs did in fact meet up, despite the fact that the entrance and exit were hundreds of feet apart laterally.  The characters approached the doors and listened to hear if anything was lying in wait on the other side.  Hearing none, they threw the portals wide.

On the other side of the doors, they found the corridor much the same as they left it.  The corpses of the troglodytes had been vigorously gnawed upon by rodents.  Bloody rodent footprints could be seen leading away from the trog bodies and into the darkness.

The heroes proceeded forward to find another alcove -- this one with a magic mouth!  It spoke --

"There once was an elf from Narwell, 
and soon in a deep pit he fell.
He tried to climb up it, but then just said stuff it, 
and now his ghost lives in third hell."

This even generated a bit of discussion but eventually the heroes moved further down the hall.  They discovered a branch to the right that made a sharp right turn.  Continuing on they found a hall that ended abruptly at a wall covered with wicked spikes.  

Sensing danger, the heroes backed slowly away.  The monk and the elf retreated to the alcove with the keyhole and tried putting the mechanism in the "clunk" position to see if there was any effect on the spikes or the room.  The characters set up a sort of vocal relay, spacing themselves in the hallway while the dwarf (on his leash) peeked around the corner at the spikes while the fighter held onto his rope.  Oryx could hear the mechanism clicking and clunking, but no other effect was apparent.  

The adventurers were not satisfied that they had de-activated what seemed like a trap, so they prepared to depart when the dwarf and fighter were beset by giant rats!  The vile creatures were rapidly dispatched by the pair even as the heroes ran back to give aid to the dwarf and fighter.

Once the party was reunited, they gathered in the circle of their torchlight and discussed their options.

Their strategy session was interrupted when the elf heard orc voices in the dark.  Knowing that they were sitting ducks and very visible in the light, they quickly set an ambush around the dark spiky corner and the human members of the party headed back down the corridor away from the oncoming orcs...

The orcs had a chance to see the ambush, but they didn't.  Thus, they quickly found themselves sandwiched between to walls of adventurers.  One group got some free attacks in from surprise.  The battle went back and forth, the orcs getting a few good licks in, but eventually they were all defeated.

The party took a few deep breaths and then they heard the battle cries of some more orcs heading their way.  The party girded themselves for battle, organized themselves into ranks, and waited for the orcs to arrive...

Five more orc warriors and a huge orc leader appeared in the distance, faintly visible in their torchlight...

In a few more seconds they closed the gap and JS's wizard let loose his "Sleep" spell!

Of the possible 16 (4d4) HD of monsters affected, JS rolled 14!  Loud snoring erupted in the hall as the orcs were sent into a mystical slumber (from which they never awoke!)

The adventurers continued down the hall to discover a curving corridor.  A large room with a well and four apparent exits and the orc chambers.

The orc chambers were looted for their booty some gold and a potion (!) and then the heroes investigated the well.  Rolf dropped in a torch and determined that it was some 30' deep and was filled with water at that level.  Oryx discovered that one path was blocked by a portcullis.   Before investigating further, the party determined that one corridor led back toward the spiral stair and the diagonal passage.

That's when things got interesting...  (to be continued!)
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